The company

The company originally focused on technological consulting in the field of welding processes, e.g. welding technology development, supervision, technical expertise, staff training and implementation of the welding quality system.

Over time, due to the changing needs of our clients, we have expanded our expertise to include consulting and production coordination in other fields, including: metal forming, machining, corrosion protection, electroplating, marking of products and related processes. We have also created a small welding and mechanical laboratory equipped with MIG / MAG, TIG, micro-plasma welding equipment and a micro-welding device.

One of the most interesting projects we completed in the field of welding and related processes was support both in the preparation in Poland and on the construction site in Finland of one of the leading energy companies in the country, for the implementation of the contract for the construction of Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant.

Our role in the project required us to develop welding technology, conduct the process of technology acceptance by TÜV, prepare welding documentation and related processes, customer support in conducting conversations with Areva, selection of machinery, equipment, and logistics workshop on the construction site, design of route verification system sensing lines on the construction site using the 3D measurement system called Metronor.

Over time, we have expanded the activity to development of prototypes of small devices for dedicated applications. As a result, we were granted 2 patents: one in the field of electrochemistry (electrochemical marking device), the second deals with the innovative method of welding stainless hand-held construction tools e. g. trowels (for this we have developed a welding technology and we have built a prototype semi-automatic programmable device).

For the past two years we have been involved in plastic molding – for this purpose we have built thermoforming equipment using free blown, classical and drape forming methods. We entrusted the equipment to another company (printing house) in order to expand the offering with prints. As a result of these endeavors we developed molded 3D frames that can hold many types of objects, and a system of flowerbeds consisting of pots and metal constructions designed and built by us.

We are currently working on image prediction (pre-deformation) software based on the model for thermoforming plastics using conventional, and free-blown methods. We are also planning further development of the equipment that will allow for quick and potentially simple preparation of thermoforming production with image printing being integrated with the 3D scanners of the mold model and various mold making technologies.

In addition, to complete the work – whenever we work on technologies used in the manufacturing of the final product – we deal with industrial design.

Our advantages:

  • Innovative use of materials and technologies,
  • Interdisciplinary approach to production, including consultations in the design and modernization of production lines,
  • We adapt to the needs of the client depending on his needs and budget: offering the idea, project plan, or entire implementation – also coordinating with subcontractors specializing in the appropriate areas,
  • Deep knowledge base of old trade masters’ techniques and technologies.
  • Experience in the field of patent law and intellectual property protection.
  • We provide technological support in arbitration matters, as well as support for lawyers in the event of court disputes.

We have carried out projects for ABB, KGHM, Refined Lead Producer „Orzeł Biały” S. A., Elektrobudowa S. A., BUMAR Łabędy, DIAMENT Oil Exploration, BIO-CIRCLE Sp. z o. o., Bipromet S. A., Energoprojekt S. A., Seco-Warwick S. A., Arla Foods S. A. Budecon S. A., ZNLE S. A., Turbocare Sp. o. o., THYSSENKRUPP Stal Serwis Sp. z o. o., Limatherm Components Sp. z o. o., Orex Roto Moulding Sp. z o. o. Metalplast Stolarka (Kęty group) and others.

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